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Pack Up My Backpack :: Karen MainsPack up your backpack for 50 days of fun!

Sometimes it seems there are more questions than answers in life, especially for today’s children. That’s why it’s so important that they be equipped with a sound biblical foundation on which to build their lives and make their choices. To help them do that, we’ve enlisted the aid of Sydney the squirrel and his Critter County friends. They’re armed with activities to help children learn how to trust Jesus during the mixed-up times in life.

Critter County is an enchanting land where animals talk and sing. They share Bible verses and practical applications for everyday life. Your child will laugh at the antics of Sydney and Lester and will identify with the “childhood” experiences of Lunchbox and Beautiful. Critter County is a great place for kids who like to have fun while learning biblical principles.

This is a read tome book, allowing you to interact with your child as you encourage his or her spiritual growth. Features include:

  • 50 days worth of activities (plus two warm-up days)
  • Ideas for discussion and practical application
  • A weekly Scripture memory focus (always on Saturday)

So hop on board and get ready for a wonderful 50-Day Spiritual Adventure with your child. For older children, use our Children’s Journal for grades 3-6.

Kids Journals K-2 bulk order pricing:
1-19 at $7.00 each
20-99 at $6.00 each (save 15%)
100-299 at $5.50 each (save 22%)
300+ at $5.00 each (save 29%)

Order your copy of Pack Up My Backpack now.


I also pray that in the family of God we never make our brothers and sisters in the Lord, spiritual sons and daughters, experience the pain of feeling unloved just because they don’t perform up to our expectations. If there’s anything that should characterize the family of God, it is unconditional love—the kind of love our heavenly Father extends to us.

In Ephesians 5:1 the Apostle Paul refers to us as “dearly loved children” of God. That’s a great phrase. It has all kinds of warm overtones, doesn’t it? Dearly loved children. “Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave Himself up for us” (vv. 1-2). In the previous verse Paul instructs all in the Church to “be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you” (4:32).

A word of clarification: The fact that God loves us unconditionally doesn’t mean He excuses our wrongdoing. But be aware that while He calls us to walk His better way, He doesn’t stop loving us when we stumble or fall.

Because God loves us unconditionally, we can extend the same kind of love to our church family. We can say to others, “I accept you and love you for who you are. You don’t have to conform to my standards. But in this family we also want Christ to teach us to become more like Him. We encourage each other in this regard … sometimes with tough love, love that confronts … but that’s still love. In this special family, love is never withheld. At least, it’s not supposed to be.”



The 2012 Olympic Winter Games will be front-page news in America soon.  These upcoming events occur from July 27-August 12 in London, England, and feature world-class competitors who are vying to become recognized athletic champions.   Pastor, you can leverage all that media attention into spiritual lessons taught at your church!  Preach through the brand new sermon series Go for the Goal: Becoming a Spiritual Champion.  While they watch others on TV strive to become athletic champions, you’ll encourage your congregation to put into practice what the Scriptures have to say about becoming spiritual champions!

How about getting mom these Gold medallion award-winning books? These fully illustrated books tell allegories of good and evil. It follows the adventure of Scarboy and his friends by following the one True King to overcome the Enchanter and his hold on the oppressed residents of the forbidden city. Mom would surely love getting a unique and heartwarming gift this mother’s day. And as a bonus, she’ll get autographed copies from authors Karen and David Mains.

Available at Mainstay Ministries.

David and Karen Mains explore the answer to the question that if God is our Father, how does He help us grow and mature as His children? How does He do it?

This dynamic learning resource stands apart from other Bible studies because the exercises are creatively designed to involve the imagination and emotions as well as the intellect. As Karen Mains put it, “”We must learn to detach our child-like trust from our human mom and dad and attach it to the One who can be both mother and father to us eternally.”

This 12-week study provides 12 fresh encounters to help you do just that. Commence your journey towards knowing and understanding a Loving Father by ordering Parenting Us: How God Does It today!

Available at Mainstay Ministries.

Out of the Salt Shaker

Rebecca Manley Pippert explores how every Christian can and should make evangelism a way of life. She introduces us to the natural stages of evangelism-Cultivating, Planting, and Reaping-as well as hints on how to meet the challenges of new competitors to the Christian faith.The perfect follow up to any message on evangelism.

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101 Ways to Simplify Your Life

by Paul Borthwick

Paul Borthwick asserts in this book that before we can realize God’s desire for our full potential, we must unclutter our hectic lives. Each chapter includes practical tips that challenge you to take the first steps toward the more tranquil, balanced lifestyle of the spiritual thriver. Apply these principles to help you axe the excess, and you’ll experience a restored sense of sanity to your world.

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