by David Mains – Mainstay Ministries

Now that I have achieved the status of “senior citizen,” I am more keenly aware than at any time in my life of the importance of leaving a legacy for my children and grandchildren.

I’m not talking about monetary treasure. While I freely acknowledge that God has always supplied my every need and treated me we an enormous measure of His grace, I have not accumulate any earthly wealth.

Rather I am increasingly aware of the need to vouchsafe a spiritual legacy, sharing with my children and grandchildren the lessons that God has so patiently taught me as I have followed Him.

Part of those lessons involves what I believe may happen as the end of this age draws to a close. That’s why I have been motivated to write my new book, To Those I Love I Leave… At my website,, I’ve been sharing the chapters from this book. I will continue to post one chapter each week through the end of February.

It my fondest hope, and most fervent prayer, that some of my words in these chapters will prove helpful to the church and that God will honor the distribution of this material. May God bless you, even as you read what I have written.